Thursday, October 2, 2014

Top Chef - Duels left me hungry and talking to myself

I watch a lot of television shows, some may say, " way to many".  I missed last nights Top Chef Duels , so since I recorded it I had the chance to watch it today with the hubby . The duel between these two chefs Art Smith who cooks classic southern cooking and Kevin Gillespie a modern southern chef, left me walking away from the tv talking to myself.
It has been a long time since I watched two chefs cook with so much respect for one another, I understood why Curtis Stone kept using the term southern gentlemen when he referred to them. I noticed in all Kevin's plates they had a light and airiness to them, they did not seem as heavy as Art's plates. Don't even get me started on Art Smith's cooking, his love for food and family just shows on his plates. I have never had chicken and dumplings but I literally wanted to jump in the bowl. It has been said many times that Art Smith makes the best fried chicken, well I now have added tasting Art Smith's fried chicken to my bucket list. I don't even have a bucket list so that is the first thing I am adding. He also made this 12 layer cake that his grandmother use to make, his grandmother would say that this cake could cure a heartbreak. The layers were 1/2 a inch thick and each of them covered in melted chocolate, I seriously noticed the judges eyes roll back and moan.
Kevin made these 2 plates that I still picture in my head but they were so modern that I can't find a way to describe them. The one that stuck in my head is his banana pudding that Art said," tasted like a piece of heaven". It was also a plate by his grandmother, she passed away while he was young so the recipe was not left behind. Kevin said that the reason he remembers her banana pudding was because he once ate the whole bowl. I could just tell by the way Kevin cooks that he puts his heart and soul into his plates and that he meticulously chooses his ingredients.
Well as you can tell, I enjoyed last nights duel. I walked away from the couch and said out loud, 
" that was good" like if I ate the plates myself. 

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