Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Started a Book and Wine Club with my Sisters

Wacky Women, Wine and Books Club

I have always liked to read, I first started off reading books from Danielle Steel and then I moved on to James Patterson. I was literally going down the list of books that they have published.
I was looking at the diverse list of books my sister was reading and I decided I needed to broaden my mind.
My sister posted on her Facebook page that she was reading "Gone Girl' so I told her that I downloaded it. I had already known that she was close to the end of the book, my sis can read books in 3 days. I on the other hand will need the whole month, because I am a tv show freak. Anyway, my sister's husband mentioned that we should start a book club and then we ran with it. We decided to add the wine because that is something that my 2 sisters were interested in and they introduced me to.... Moscato.
I love the sweetness of Moscato wine, but wine is another thing I need to open my mind to. All I know about wine is there is a red, white, sweet, dry, spicy, cheap and pricey.
I know the real reason I want this book club to succeed and that is.... I enjoy time with my sisters.
When we are together, (which is not very often)  we laugh our heads off.   That is the reason I used the word "Wacky", I want us to have fun, talk about the books that we will be reading and introduce a wine to the group once a month.  I created a Facebook group page for us and for group members, the page is for fun, information and a way of communicating to those members that can't make it out to a get together.
I have to admit that it is also something that is a little bit mine, something to do to change up my day to day routine. It's something to do with my sisters that shares our 2 interest . I can't wait for our first gathering because " Gone Girl" is a good book so far and I can't wait to listen to what others think about it. So I raise my glass to the Wacky Women, Wine and Books Club and I hope it's as enjoyable as I picture it will be.


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