Sunday, September 7, 2014

Where the hell is the Food Fairy???

It's hard enough to try and come up with 3 meals a day to cook, imagine doing that for 22 yrs. I have had days through out the years that we have eaten out at restaurants or picked up meals from a drive thru, they do not come close to the home cooked meals I have had to prepare. I find myself getting frustrated now thinking about what's for dinner. Hearing what's for dinner from my family will definitely throw me over the edge.
The hubby asked me today, " Babe what are you making for lunch?"
My response was, " Babe....what can you surprise us with today?"
I think it would be nice for others in the house to think about cooking meals for the family. I am sure they wake up thinking " I feel like crispy tacos today, maybe I should make them".
Wives and Mothers have so much going on in their heads that when a meal cooked by other family members or even a household chore done by someone other than themselves feels like such a reward.
I love making fresh home cooked meals but with shopping for the ingredients and then checkout at the register to realize your total was close to $100 every time you go shopping, it's depressing. I usually just come home after grocery shopping and put all the food away cause I'm to upset to cook.  I dream the day of a food fairy, someone who just appears and has done all my shopping and my food is magically prepared.
Oh....Hush!!! A woman can dream.

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