Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Too many tv shows, movies and not enough time: Last night, I was finally able to watch the record...

Too many tv shows, movies and not enough time: Last night, I was finally able to watch the record...: Last night, I was finally able to watch the recording of Sunday's Witches of East End. I have to say that I was literally hanging off ...
Last night, I was finally able to watch the recording of Sunday's Witches of East End. I have to say that I was literally hanging off the edge of my seat. I am going crazy with the way the show ended and I am furious that next Sunday is 5 days away.

Too many tv shows, movies and not enough time: Family time at Baffin Bay (Cast & Stay Cabins)

Too many tv shows, movies and not enough time: Family time at Baffin Bay (Cast & Stay Cabins): My family loves to spend a weekend out of the year at these cabins and we have been visiting them for close to 10 years. There are some yea...

Monday, September 15, 2014

Family time at Baffin Bay (Cast & Stay Cabins)

My family loves to spend a weekend out of the year at these cabins and we have been visiting them for close to 10 years. There are some years that I skip and stay home with my daughter Selena, this year I really needed the peace and relaxation of this place. I read a book that I downloaded on my tablet and have not found the time to read at home. I even walked the pier and did some fishing, my arthritis was acting up so walking the pier was quite the challenge. My family didn't even seem to mind the rain and it poured. On the second night, we had heavy rains which ended up causing a black out. It is funny how we could not come up with one scary story but trying made for some good laughs. It was really nice to take some time and unplug from everything, some of us had bad phone service so we had no choice. I did not mind it at all, it cleared my mind for awhile. I noticed as soon as I walked in the door of my home, I went into crazy, tired and frustrated mode. I miss the sound of the breeze and water, I wish I would have recorded that sound. 

This is the first view I love to see when we arrive

our private pier for the cabins
the first thing I like to do when I get to the cabins or just any motel that we stay at while on vacation is Lysol the beds and lay my king size sheet over the whole bed, I include covering their pillows. I then put my blanket and pillows so I can have a good nights rest without worrying about what I am sleeping on.
This is the cabana
I caught this one

Me fishing

The front of the cabin

We ended up getting rain, but that did not put a damper on the weekend

My father-in-law fishing
My nephew Nathaniel in his domain, this young man loves to fish

my view from the cabin, I rolled up the blinds so I could look at this while I rested in the cabin.

2 queen beds and 2 sets of bunk beds

our little kitchen and dining area

The beautiful area in back of the cabin

We had a awesome time

Monday, September 8, 2014

My Sunday night tv shows: Big Brother, Utopia and Witches of East End

This is my Sunday night shows line-up, I have to begin with Big Brother and last nights proposal has been the best thing on Big Brother this season so far. Jeff and Jordan are the cutest couple to come out of this show, from the very beginning their relationship could not have even been written for TV.
Ugh...now I have to talk about the final 5 contestants, it should have just been called the season of bromances. It seems that no one wanted to step on the toes of Derrick, Caleb, Cody and Frankie and they don't even want to hurt each other, it's a game!!! I think Derrick is playing really good game. As for the last lady standing Victoria, I hated when Derrick told her that she would be remembered as the strongest woman to play this season. It's hard to even say play cause she is just really bad at competitions and even thinking game, the guys kept her because she could easily be beaten. It was crazy watching Cody try and figure out why Christine got booed when she walked out into the audience after her eviction. I can think of 3 reasons: backstabbing Nichole and Hayden, having a big part in Donny's eviction and her little "friendship" with Cody. I don't know about you but having a friend that you are holding hands, running your fingers through his hair, allowing him to touch your legs and practically acting like a school girl while your married and your husband is watching with his and your family is very disrespectful. Time will only tell if Cody gets the same reaction from the audience when he is evicted. The only difference is Cody is not married but he should have had respect for Christine's husband. Let's see what happens Tuesday!!!

This is my hubby's new show and I decided to watch it with him.

Utopia, A utopia is a community or society possessing highly desirable or near perfect qualities. I have to say this was so far from the definition. I felt like I was watching a show on what not to do in a new world. I don't even know where to begin, I guess with the women on the show. It was just the first day and some of these women were already skinning dipping in the lake, in front of men that they knew nothing about. Let's not forget that there has already been a hook-up on the first night.
As for the men, did any of these people have background psychological check ups before the show. let me just say there is a lot of loose cannons on this cast.  I know I am going to keep watching just to watch the meltdowns and chaos that is going to happen. It is hard to watch because you know what is lacking on just the first day. How can anyone create a Utopia without respect and that is the first thing a lot of these people forgot to bring with them, they sure brought the craziness that a lot of people would love to leave behind.
All I have to say is that this is one of the best shows beautiful woman, good-looking men and lots of magic.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Where the hell is the Food Fairy???

It's hard enough to try and come up with 3 meals a day to cook, imagine doing that for 22 yrs. I have had days through out the years that we have eaten out at restaurants or picked up meals from a drive thru, they do not come close to the home cooked meals I have had to prepare. I find myself getting frustrated now thinking about what's for dinner. Hearing what's for dinner from my family will definitely throw me over the edge.
The hubby asked me today, " Babe what are you making for lunch?"
My response was, " Babe....what can you surprise us with today?"
I think it would be nice for others in the house to think about cooking meals for the family. I am sure they wake up thinking " I feel like crispy tacos today, maybe I should make them".
Wives and Mothers have so much going on in their heads that when a meal cooked by other family members or even a household chore done by someone other than themselves feels like such a reward.
I love making fresh home cooked meals but with shopping for the ingredients and then checkout at the register to realize your total was close to $100 every time you go shopping, it's depressing. I usually just come home after grocery shopping and put all the food away cause I'm to upset to cook.  I dream the day of a food fairy, someone who just appears and has done all my shopping and my food is magically prepared.
Oh....Hush!!! A woman can dream.

What....sharing my DVR?

I am starting to not find things funny.....
The hubby is starting to ask me to record shows for him and they are shows that I don't watch.
I have enough trouble aligning time slots that I can record with out affecting other shows. How did this man awaken to the fact that I can record shows he likes and he can watch them later, it has always been ours or my shows. Now... I have to share!!!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

I am not crazy....I'm a mom

I just watched Moms' Night Out and I am so happy I did, I could see a little of myself in these moms. I am the stressed out and no one can do it like me mom, I don't want you to make mistakes mom, the over protective mom and the I hear the music but my body only moves in my head mom.
From the first day that I held my daughter in my arms something changed in me, when I held her I would hear the song " If I Could" by Regina Belle playing in my head. I would cry knowing that I could not change the world so I could be guaranteed her safety. I wanted to know that she could never be hurt or go through a pain that I could not take care of. I put that pressure on myself believing I was supermom and I can handle everything.
Moving forward... close to 2 years I gave birth to my second daughter, I smiled knowing that I had two girls. My daughter's were going to be there for each other, best friends and protect each other for the rest of their lives. I knew everything was going to be perfect from now on.
Raising my girls everything seemed to go as planned, my goals were to keep them healthy and happy.
The hubby and I really didn't leave them with family members to go out and when we did we would call just to make ourselves feel better. I drove myself crazy taking the girls to the hospital every time they had a sniffle, I realized I was over doing it the day the doctor said, " it's a toothache".
It's hard to say that I was a perfect mom, but that is who I wanted to be . I have lived my life with this list in my head on what needs to be done and by a certain time. Giving responsibilities to someone else was out of the question. All I could think about is that they could not handle what I do and they are not going to do right ( by who's standards was right?).

There is a part in the movie where the wife/mother tells her husband, " I have the life I always dreamed of but, I am not happy".  I have thought and said that before and that would put such a heavy guilt on my chest.
What I realized from this movie is that I forgot to give myself the oxygen mask first. I put myself last in every scenario in my life and I am praying that one day when I hear music... I will dance.

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