Sunday, August 24, 2014

Cooking with leftovers

Yesreday, I made a turkey  with black bean and corn salsa with a romaine lettuce wrap. Honestly,  I preferred it with Tostinos scoop chips. I just poured a little of the meat in a chip and then the salsa on top and that was delicious.
Today, I didn't know what to make and really wasn't in the mood to cook. I remembered I had cooked ground turkey from yesterday and a opened package of wonton wraps from a failed egg drop soup recipe, I had tried to make a few days ago.
I decided I could make turkey gyoza with fried rice, I knew this was something my family loves. I shredded cabbage and mixed it with the turkey and then my daughter and I prepared the meat in the wontons and then we started to wrap them up. My daughter then tells me she would like to try and make some into egg rolls, so that's what we did. While frying up the gyozas and egg rolls I made the rice with the white rice in a bag. I scrambled up 2 eggs and just poured in the rice and some soy sauce. Dinner was ready and delicious, I could have added veggies, ham or shrimp to the rice I was just looking at what I had on hand and something fast. I say this was a success.

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